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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Top Five Online Auction Sites

If you want to buy or sell products on auction sites, you need first to locate the best sites for your needs. One sensible way to start is by narrowing your search down to the top 5 internet online auction sites. This virtually guarantees that you will be considering high-energy sites without getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of sites in cyberspace.

When you look for the top 5 internet online auction sites, you will find that different sources give you different answers. What remains the same is that eBay is consistently at the top of the list. If you are looking for a site that almost everybody has heard of, by all means try eBay. EBay offers useful information to both the buyer and the seller. The success of the seller adds to the success of eBay, so eBay gives the seller a number of tools to help him or her get a good price.

Yahoo! auctions is another site that ranks consistently in the list of top 5 internet online auction sites. Amazon.com auctions, UBid.com, and bida-lot.com are also highly rated for sellers.

While it is important to sell at a site where there are a large number of buyers, remember that competition is also much tougher at sites like eBay. Research the sites to make sure there is a market for what you are selling, then consider the competition for your product. The fact that eBay seems to sell anything does not mean that everybody who lists an item there sells it or gets the price they want.

Check out the top 5 internet auction sites. Narrow your choices further to auction sites that have a market for the item you are selling. Find the site that works best for you, and enjoy the excitement of making some money with auctions.

For high-power results from your eBay action, go straight to the "no holds barred" eBay Auction Secrets now.

To learn more about profitable home based businesses visit www.HomeNetMonies.com today.


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Monday, February 27, 2006

Finding Wholesale Products to Sell

Getting your products at the lowest price is the best way to profit from selling items online or anywhere. The difficulty is in finding true wholesale product suppliers. Contacting companies in which you are interested and asking for a list of distributors can sometimes get results, but be prepared to give them a company name when they inquire as to your identity. Most companies do not want to sell wholesale to individuals. Often a manufacturer's website will have the names of distributors.

If you are searching online, try narrowing the search term to a specific product. This approach is more effective than looking for general wholesalers because you will not be overwhelmed with excessive information.

Another option is to contact another seller--one who will not be in competition with you--and to ask him how he found his sources.

EBay lists wholesalers. Some sellers have success using these wholesalers, whereas others say the prices are too high. If you look on eBay, look for wholesalers with high approval ratings.

It is not always necessary to get prices at the "rock bottom." You just need prices low enough to make a substantial profit. You can find some very low prices by searching for clearance products in online stores or your own hometown.

Finding true wholesaler product suppliers is not easy. Your best chance of doing so is by registering as a business and contacting the manufacturers in which you are interested. Finally, make sure there is enough markup potential to make your business worthwhile.

Tip for home business entrepreneurs: Read "Mining Gold On the Internet." Click here for more info.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Selling on eBay: Customer Service Strategies

Customer service is key to success on eBay. Buyers rate their satisfaction with sellers, and your rating can be critical when potential customers are deciding whether or not to buy from you.

Commendable customer service on eBay starts with providing an accurate product description. Displaying clear pictures and describing any imperfection shows the buyer what to expect. Customer satisfaction is enhanced if the buyer receives a product in better shape than he expected. Conversely, your seller rating can suffer if you oversell and disappoint enough customers.

Customer service strategies on eBay include acknowledgement of the winning bid and promptly providing shipping information. Use an automated response to let the buyer know that you have received his bid. Acknowledge payment quickly. Ship immediately, andinform the customer when the product is shipped. Customer service strategies include providing a tracking link to the product whenever possible.

Some eBay sellers offer free shipping as a customer service strategy. If you charge for shipping, do not charge much above shipping costs. Customers notice the postage cost and will likely complain if the shipping and handling is several dollars more than the expected shipping rate. They understand the cost of materials, but they do not want to pay for your time to package the product.

Customer service strategies on eBay include having a friendly return policy. In the long run, it is worthwhile to accept returns whenever a customer asks. You can probably resell the item, and receiving a good rating is worth the cost and extra effort.

Customer service strategies on eBay are essentially not any different than those used in traditional online stores. Make sure the product is as good as you say it is; do not inflate shipping and handling; ship quickly; and have a liberal return policy. Attention to these issues is the way to achieve high customer service ratings.

A wealth of expert advice on successful eBay selling is available to you--click on eBay Auction Secrets now to learn more.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Making Money Selling on eBay

When people think of online auctions, they think of eBay. Sellers seem willing to sell anything on eBay, and often find buyers for even the most offbeat items.

Some people work full time selling products on eBay. How do they manage to operate a successful eBay auction business?

Those seeking to understand the online auction world will often be advised to check eBay for best sellers in order to get ideas about choosing a successful product. This can be helpful, but it is best if you sell a product with which you are already familiar. You will then know the quality and describe the item well, and also be able to set a realistic price.

Those three elements are important factors in operating a successful eBay auction. Keywords are another important factor. Potential buyers find your item through the use of keywords. After finding the desired item, they look at price. If the price is still something they are willing to pay, they read your description and look at pictures you have uploaded to see the condition of the item.

Pricing has its own strategy. Often a seller will post the price he or she has paid for the item, knowing that anything more is profit. Others operate a successful eBay auction by offering prices starting as low as a penny or a dollar, knowing there are people who cannot resist a deal. Once the bidding starts, buyers get caught up in the bidding and spend more than they originally planned.

To carry out successful eBay auctions, start with a limited number of products. Use eBay tools to help you write your ad. Make sure it ends at a time of day when people are awake. Try different strategies, read what works for others, and you should find a way to operate a successful eBay auction.

For high-power results from your eBay action, go straight to the "no holds barred" eBay Auction Secrets now.


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Friday, February 24, 2006

E-Commerce Solutions for Your Business
By the Editor of HomeNetMonies.com

Business on the internet is often referred to as E-Commerce. Some people do business completely through e-commerce. Their customers come from the internet; and they do all their communication on the internet. More commonly, businesses have both a brick-and-mortar storefront and an internet presence. This is often referred to as limited e-commerce. Almost any business, however, from large corporations to individual freelancers, benefits from a web presence. A website is a sign of your professionalism. It canbe set up solely for the information value or, ideally, it can be designed to generate leads. A presence on the web shows that you understand today's technology and the customer's need for information. A good website shows customers why they would benefit from working with you.

E-commerce has grown into a revolution that currently involves almost every kind of business. It is now becoming unusual to learn of people who do not have internet access in their home, especially if they have school-age children. Almost every workplace uses the internet. People have learned to go first to the web when they want information, particularly when they want information on new products or information on how to increase their earnings. This tendency will only continue to grow, as children today are increasingly web savvy.

E-commerce also offers both price and time savings to individuals. As we become increasingly busy, it is quicker to go online to find products than to drive from store to store. Often the product is less expensive online, even after paying for shipping.

If you want to become involved in e-commerce, the first step is to find a good e-commerce webhost. Unless you are a sophisticated webmaster with an independent streak, look for an all-in-one provider that offers a feature-laden control panel and a wide range of templates. Though you can usually customize templates, you need to start with a variety from which to choose. A good wizard that walks you through the steps of constructing and using your site is also helpful. Ease of use is important so you can get your site up fast and professionally and make changes easily at a later date.

Your hosting service should have auto-responders for your clients and an easy way to make purchases. Even if you are selling only one product you want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy it. Check for the ability to import and export data. If you already have a database and choose a vendor that does not allow you to import it, you will have to retype everything. Export capabilities will save you time and trouble should you ever choose a new vendor.

When choosing a complete e-commerce solution for your business, look for hosts who offer a variety of marketing options, payment options for your customers, and automated shipping options. If the client cannot pay the way he wants, he will not buy. If shipping does not happen quickly, he may not become a repeat client.

Also look for an e-commerce solution that allows you to analyze traffic flow. In order for your internet business to grow, you need to see what kinds of marketing are bringing traffic and sales. You also need to look at such things as cost and customer service. Choosing the right hosted solution can take some time, but getting it right the first time is important. Take the time to choose a high-quality provider who will help your business to grow.

About the author:
To Start Work at Home Business, and for the best home business ideas and opportunities, visit www.HomeNetMonies.com today.

NOTE: You have full permission to publish this article
electronically or in print, in your ebook or newsletter
or website, as long as you leave the article fully intact
and include the "About The Author" resource box. Thanks! :-)

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Options for Advertising on the Internet
By HomeNetMonies.com

Most online businesses will likely require more advertising than a contemporary business downtown. Yet some new to the world of online business do not spend the time and money to advertise their business appropriately and are, in turn, loosing money. Your online business is crammed into the world wide web along with thousands of others selling the same product or service as yourself. Consider this scenario: In your hometown you want to open an art supply store. In that same town there are thousands of art supply stores. In order for your business to be successful, it will have to stand out in some way from the others. This is exactly what is happening when a business is opened online. There is so much competition that you must take drastic measures to ensure that you are getting noticed. Advertising can be done in so many ways online. These are some of the most successful ways that you can promote your online business.

Advertising in e-zines is a popular way to promote an online business. Ezines are the magazines of the internet; they are written on a particular subject and read by those interested in that subject. Therefore, ezine readers are already potential customers and advertising your site in ezines that are related to your business is almost guaranteed to help increase your web site traffic and accelerate sales for your product. You should be sure when advertising in ezines that you are not advertising alongside competitors. Ask the ezine producer if there is a policy concerning posting competing ads. It is also a good idea to subscribe to the ezine before making a decision about whether or not to advertise in it. An ezine that runs fewer ads is a better choice than one that runs many ads. You can look at the online Directory of Ezines to find publications that are relevant to your company.

Pay-per-click programs are an excellent way to advertise your business without taking on the risk of advertising in the wrong place. With pay-per-click, you can advertise your site and only pay for those who click the link to go to your site. Another popular pay-per program is the pay-per-lead program that allows you to only pay for leads. Usually this means that you pay for only those who download a trail, fill out a form, or enter a sweepstakes--whatever you choose. Lastly you can display pay-per-click banner ads in which your company is allowed to place a banner on their site and and then is charged for every click that your banner receives.

Opt-In email is a great way to advertise your business, but it is expensive and can be misused very easily. Using opt-in emails, you would submit your sales copy to the company that in turn emails it to those on their mailing list. You should be very careful since some of the companies that advertise their mailing lists as opt-in email services are sometimes really SPAM. It is essential that you have an effective and virtually perfect sales letter when using opt-in mailing lists. Without an effective sales copy your money and time have been wasted.

About the author:
To find information about profitable home based businesses visit http://www.HomeNetMonies.com today.

NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this
article within your website or newsletter as long
as you leave the article fully intact and include
the "About The Author" resource box. Thanks! :-)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Effective Cross Promoting Techniques
By HomeNetMonies.com

The idea of cross promotions is not new. Cross promotions have been used by businesses for a very long time. For example, a real-estate company may promote a certain lawyer to close a sale, as the lawyer will promote that agency in his firm. The system is somewhat similar to the primitive barter system, where people traded items rather than using money. How can anything primitive fit into the online world of Internet marketing? Very easily. Cross promotions are, simply stated, a trade of advertising space. Instead of paying for advertising space on a site, you would place their ad on your page and your ad on their page. When used creatively and wisely, cross promotions can be an effective and cost efficient way to advertise your internet business.

One way is to use link exchanges. This is very effective when engaging in cross promotions with a company that is similar to yours, however, you should be careful not to link to a page that is in direct competition with yours. One of the advantages of link exchanges is that some search engines are factoring in hits from other sites that link to your page when determining the ranking of your site. Thus, exchanging links with a more popular site can not only increase your advertising exposure and traffic, but also increase your search engine ranking.

The initial subscription of customers or potential customers to your ezine is an opportunity to use cross promotions. On the same page that the customer subscribes to your ezine, make available the opportunity to subscribe to the ezine of another company. You can even exchange ad space in ezines, and provide recommendations for those with whom you cross promote. You might even want to exchange column space in one anothers ezines.

Writing free articles that provide customers or potential customers with information that is useful and accurate can create a good reputation for you and your business. Soon readers will come to know you as an expert on the subject. In such articles the author uses a byline to help promote his or her site. Bylines can be a way to use cross promotions as well. You can use part of the space in your byline to recommend a product offered by another web site owner.

If you have been considering writing an ebook, a joint venture could mean increased profits for you and the person with whom you are partnering. Cross promotion through an ebook is an excellent way to broaden the topic of the ebook and to promote both your business and your partner's business. The ebook should contain information that will indirectly benefit both businesses and still be helpful to the reader. A good example of cross promotion through an ebook would be a site that sells used video games partnering with another site that sells gaming devices. These are two subjects that would interest the same reader, and a shared ebook would likely lead the reader to both sites. This is efficient internet marketing.

Keep in mind that the recommendations you make reflect directly on you and your site, so choose your cross promotional business partners carefully. Also remember that it would be nice as a shopper to be able to follow links from one site to another as a way of shopping around. Since this kind of shopping around is of questionable benefit to you, the site owner, never link to or recommend a site that is in direct competition with you. Instead, recommend those which are similar, such as health and life insurance web sites.

About the author:
To Start Work at Home Business, and to find fantastic home business ideas and opportunities, visit www.HomeNetMonies.com today.

NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this
article within your website or newsletter as long
as you leave the article fully intact and include
the "About The Author" resource box. Thanks! :-)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Designing A Web Site That Sells
By HomeNetMonies.com

Would you buy meat from a grocery store was not clean, or that left the bad meat in with the good meat? Would you buy a car from a sales lot that had totaled automobiles on the front lot? I wouldn't and neither would you. Your web site is your grocery store, your car lot. It must have an atmosphere that is pleasing to buyers. It must tell the buyer that you are not an amateur, but instead a trained, seasoned professional. Your site is a direct reflection of your product and that is why having a well designed web site can make or break sales in your internet business.

The first thing to keep in mind when designing your web site is "surfability." Take a few minutes to look around at several web pages. What makes them appealing? Were there some that you closed out of immediately? Why? Take notes and do your research. Keep in mind that when a person visits your site he or she has a goal in mind. The surfer is either seeking information or shopping for a product. Give the person what he wants without having to search for it. Be sure that all the information on your site is relevant to your product. A sale is very likely if the buyer realizes that he needs your product to solve his problem.

Your main page serves a very specific purpose. It should be an avenue by which the customer can shop your site. It should be easy to view and load very quickly. This is your first impression and we all know that first impressions can either clinch the deal or lose the deal. Make it simple. It is best to have links that are easily viewable by the reader that will navigate them to where they want to be. Tables are often a great choice when deciding on a way to design the main page of your site. Your main page should load very quickly. Chances are if it takes the page more than ten seconds to load even on a 56k modem, the customer will click away to save time, hoping to find the information or product elsewhere. To increase the loading speed of your main page you should avoid large graphics or excessive graphics. Too many banners or special effects can cause a page to load slowly as well.

To make your web site more appealing to the eyes, you should stick to mild colors. If your site is a content site where the user will be doing a lot of reading, it is best to stick to black and white. Color can be added when using tables, as a way to brighten up the page, but remember to keep the overall look of the page professional and appealing to the audience that will be visiting most often. Since screen resolutions vary among monitors, it is a good idea to set the pixels to a standard 800x600. You may also choose to set the tables in your web page to span a percentage of the page rather than a set number of inches. This will be sure to accommodate all screen sizes. You should remember that a lot of Internet users will not use the same browser as you, and therefore you should be sure that your site looks as good on other browsers as it does on your own. You can do this by downloading several browsers and viewing your page through each browser to check.

Be aware of the fact that the overall look of your web site is a way to make money. The appearance of the site, if designed properly, can be an excellent marketing strategy for your product or service.

About the author:
To find information about business opportunities from home
visit www.HomeNetMonies.com today.

NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this
article within your website or newsletter as long
as you leave the article fully intact and include
the "About The Author" resource box. Thanks! :-)

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Multiply Your Sales Through Affiliate Programs
By HomeNetMonies.com

What could be better than exceeding your personal sales goals for a given month or year? How about doubling or even tripling your sales goal for the month? This is exactly what affiliates can do for you. The amount of growth potential through affiliates is unlimited: the more affiliates you have the more money you can make. After all, if Sam Walton tried to run every Wal-Mart store himself, he obviously would not be very successful. You must realize that for maximum growth you cannot do it alone. Think of the success of companies such as Avon or Home Interiors. Their success is based on two things: a great product and excellent affiliate programs.

To attract affiliates to your company you should make it worth their time. Offering one percent of sales is not an attractive offer. The higher the commission that you are able to offer your affiliates, the more affiliates will be tempted to join your team. You should also provide your affiliates with the tools that they will need to successfully market your product such as banner ads, articles, and anything else that will could them to market the product. You should provide the affiliates with updated product information through newsletters and new promotional campaigns to motivate and inform your group of affiliates.

You can choose to run your affiliate program in a couple of different ways, both of which can be beneficial to your online business. A one-tier affiliate program generally allows you to offer a larger commission and pays on one level. The affiliate will receive a predetermined amount for each sale. Using a two-tier affiliate program, affiliates are paid on two different levels. This is done by allowing the affiliates to recruit others to sell under them. In this situation, the top level affiliate would receive a slightly larger commission than the recruit or second level affiliate. For example if the top level seller makes 20% of the sale, then she/he would make 15% giving the second level affiliate the 5%.

Setting up the affiliate program can also be done in two different ways. One way is to do it yourself through an affiliate tracking software program. This software will provide you with a way to track affiliate sales as well as to allow the affiliates to view their progress. The downside to this option is that you are responsible for making payments. You can also choose to hire an affiliate tracking company to do all the work for you. These companies will allow the use of credit cards and completely run the affiliate program, including billing customers, paying affiliates, and also paying you. This is a great option for the busy business owner or the beginning business owner and it is affordable as most affiliate tracking companies charge a small one time fee. However you choose to run your affiliate program it is sure to increase profits for your business.

About the author:
For more information, and to read about an outstanding
online home business opportunity, visit http://www.HomeNetMonies.com today.

NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this
article within your website or newsletter as long
as you leave the article fully intact and include
the "About The Author" resource box. Thanks! :-)

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Using Opt-In Lists to Optimize Your Internet Marketing Success
By HomeNetMonies.com

In order to make a success of your website or online
business, it is obvious that you will need customers.
Although not everyone who visits your web page will
become a customer, they must have some interest in
your product or service that brought them there in the
first place and therefore they are a potential customer.
Potential customers are much more likely to become
actual customers if you make an effort to keep in touch
with them. This essential marketing tool is called an
opt-in list.

An opt-in list will allow you to keep track of your
potential customers by obtaining their email addresses
in order to keep them informed about the latest updates
for your product or service. You can create your own
opt-in list or you can use an opt-in list creator that is
available online from several sources. The benefits of
creating your own opt-in list is that you will be able to
send personal messages to the potential customers
and they will not need to do anything, whereas with
commercial opt-in lists, the customer will receive a
generated message and will be required to verify their
acceptance of the message.

When creating a successful opt-in list it is important
to keep in mind that potential customers will visit
your site from many places and may not see your
homepage. Therefore it is imperative to have the
ability to subscribe to the mailing list from all pages
of your site. You should not, however, make the
subscription information a focus point of every page.
It is a good idea to put it at the bottom or top of
the page where it is visible but not distracting. It
is also a good idea to promote your mailing list by
using a give-away. You could offer a service, a
discount, or an ebook. You can also drive potential
subscribers to join your mailing list by writing
articles that will benefit the reader and at the same
time build your credibility as an expert. You can
include the subscription information in the byline of
the articles. You could also write an ebook with your
subscription information on each page, which not only
is good web site promotion, but also allows the
customer readily to access the information and join
the list with ease.

Once you have created the mailing list and have
your potential customers within your grasp it is your
responsibility to keep them updated and interested.
Provide them with quality information that is of
interest to them and is up-to-date. Offer discounts
or a newsletter, or something else that the reader can
use. This will keep them interested and will drive them
to your site over and over. Eventually they may make a
purchase, and if not, they will be informed enough to give
word of mouth advertising for your site.

About the author:
To find information about profitable home based businesses visit http://www.HomeNetMonies.com today.

NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this
article within your website or newsletter as long
as you leave the article fully intact and include
the "About The Author" resource box. Thanks! :-)

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Golden Rules For the Use of Autoresponders
By HomeNetMonies.com

Autoresponders are a perfect way to increase web site traffic. They can save many valuable hours by automatically answering emails concerning frequently asked questions about a service or product or by sending a welcome letter to new members of your program. There are many ways that autoresponders can help your business. One of the most important is their ability to track the effectiveness of your promotions. Since autoresponders are one of the most popular marketing tools available today, they are being used by a lot of different kinds of businesses and websites. Some of these take advantage of the system to use autoresponders in a negative manner. You should be aware of some of the Golden Rules when using autoresponders.

* Thou Shalt Not Use an Autoresponder Address When Submitting to Search Engines.

Since you will most likely submit your site to search engines such as Google or Yahoo!, various directories, classifieds, and free-for-all sites, you should be made aware of the fact that these sites commonly use an autoresponder as well. If you were to use your autoresponder to contact these companies, their autoresponder would reply to yours and so on and so on. This would create a cycle of autoresponses that will flood your email box and theirs as well.

* Thou Shalt Not Use an Autoresponder to Subscribe to Ezines or Discussion Forums.

Since most of the time an Ezine will send you updates and new information regularly, your autoresponder will send them a message each time. In a discussion forum, every person in the discussion forum will receive your automaticresponse. This can be irritating and most of the time you will be unsubscribed. It is often hard for the administrators of the forum or ezine to determine who is using the autoresponse method and therefore it is simply common courtesy to never use an autoresponder in this manner.

* Thou Shalt Not Use an Autoresponder to Take Advantage Of Unsuspecting Individuals.

Some very unprofessional companies will use autoresponders to respond to an automated message. When this is done the address in the from field will be automatically subscribed to their mailing list. This is a extremely unethical use of autoresponders and those who do it are in jeopardy of creating a very negative image of themselves and their company. Rather than promote their service or business, this usually leads to people becoming very upset and spreading a negative word about your company rather than a good one.

The Internet can be a great place to do business and autoresponders can be an excellent way to save time. However, when used in an unprofessional way, they can lead to frustration and aggravation for others. Your company will suffer the loss of much business if you choose to participate in these abusive practices. The appropriate use of autoresponders can generate a large amount of business, while inappropriate use can drive away that business.

About the author:
To Start Work at Home Business, and to find stellar home business ideas & opportunities, visit http://www.HomeNetMonies.com today.

NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this
article within your website or newsletter as long
as you leave the article fully intact and include
the "About The Author" resource box. Thanks! :-)

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Five Proven Methods for Internet Marketing Success
By HomeNetMonies.com

There are hundreds of ways that you can promote your online business or website, some more effective than others. These five proven methods will help you to generate traffic to your site and also to generate income into your wallet.

1. One thing that appeals to everyone is "free." If it is free people will take it. Think of the samples of cheese given away at grocery stores. Do you really want a small piece of cheese? Of course not! But you take it simply because it is free and someone is nice enough to offer it to you. The same principle applies with information or services offered from your website. You can send out free newsletters or offer a free trial period. It is currently popular to give away free credit reports or free PC scans. These freebies are what we in the marketing field like to call teasers. After running the free credit report or PC scan we alert the customer if there is something found on their credit record or PC and then offer to show them what it is or repair the problem for a price. This can be an effective way to get information to your potential customers, create sales or to generate traffic to your site.

2. Your website contains information regarding a service or product about which you are very knowledgeable. You can use this knowledge to generate traffic to your site by writing articles in your area of expertise and having them published in an ezine or an article information site. The most effective way to use these articles is to write them for free and ask in return that the publisher allow you to include a byline. A byline is a very short summary of the author, their credentials and their website. Your byline is a way that readers will come to know you as an expert on the topic and will in turn come to trust your site as a source of credible information.

3. Some search engines will allow a website to purchase their ranking. This is an excellent Internet marketing technique in that it is effective and inexpensive. In the pay-per-click programs, website are only billed for those who actually visit the page, unlike banner ads which may be seen by millions but only used by a few. When using the pay-per-click program you are asked to choose keywords and when those are entered your site will appear. If the surfer chooses to view your site, you are billed for that click. Many pay-per-click programs will offer other benefits as well, such as updated lists of commonly used keywords.

4. You should remember that others are in the same boat as you. You can choose to network with those who have similar marketing ideas. When networking you will be able to share links and refer customers to each other. You should always be very cautious when choosing a networking partner as everything that you recommend is a reflection of yourself or your product, and thus you should be certain that your networking partner is a reputable source of information.

5. Simply because your website is online, doesn't mean that all your advertising should be. Advertise in newspapers, TV, and the radio. You can even send out a press release to get your information to thousands of people all over the country.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Autoresponders: Key to Automatic Internet Marketing Success
By HomeNetMonies.com

What if you could send out all the information that your potential customers have requested without checking your email or answering a phone? While this may seem impossible, it is becoming more and more popular among the most successful Internet marketing gurus. This is all due to what is called an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an automatic method of responding to emails sent by existing or potential customers and is a must for any Internet business. Time is money and answering emails personally take a lot of valuable time for both you and the customer. Not only do autorespnders allow you to spend the time elsewhere in your business, but it gives the customer access to the information almost immediately.

Since there are so many different uses for autoresponders, they can be of value to virtually any type of business. Some choose to use the autoresponders to answer frequently asked questions about a product or service. Others use them to provide information about pricing or product information. Autoresponders are also a nice way to welcome new members to a website or group as well as to thank them after a visit.

One might ask what would be the advantage of using autoresponders as opposed to simply listing the information on the site. An important feature of autoresponders is that they send you an email notification each time a response is sent out. This allows you to track the success of your promotions as well as to have the email addresses of potential customers at your fingertips so that you can easily send out updated and new information to them.

It is of the utmost importance to choose an effective autoresponder. An autoresponder should be as personal as possible and send out follow-ups to potential customers since it has been proven that persistence pays off. It could take up to seven contacts before a final sale is conducted. Generally speaking an advertisement should be short and to the point. However, in this case, the customer has asked to see this specific information and therefore an effective autoresponder should allow you to place as much text on the page as you desire. The autoresponder that you choose should provide automatic updates to customers free of charge.

The autoresponder is one Internet marketing tool that will not cost you an arm and a leg. You can get free autoresponders online from several sources. The automatic responses will be a welcome addition to your marketing strategy and will help automatically to increase traffic to your site all while you do nothing. Be sure that the one you choose includes all the extras that will send your site to the top and your profits through the roof.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Effective or Irritating: The Use of Pop Windows in Internet Marketing
By HomeNetMonies.com

A few years ago, pop-up windows were all the rage in Internet marketing. It seemed that every time one opened a web page they would be bombarded with offers for this or that. It had gotten to the point where surfing the Internet was almost like playing a video game; when the ads would pop-up one would try and close them out before another one came. This is precisely why we have seen the decline in the use of pop-up windows on the Internet today; surfers simply do not even look at the pop-ups anymore. They close the windows out before even reading the ad. Very often, a surfer will even leave your site if there are too many pop-up ads. They simply do not want the hassle of closing those windows while trying to obtain the information that your site has to offer. This information, while valuable, is not as valuable as the surfers time. Studies have shown however, that even with these set backs, pop-up windows are still an effective method of web site marketing.

Is there some way that pop-up windows can be less irritating and still be effective? Yes! What if the pop ad were seen upon exiting your site instead of entering? This would allow the surfer to obtain the information that they need from your site, feeling that they were able to come and go quickly without being hassled by other ads and offers all the while making the surfer happy. You have left the surfer with a positive attitude and therefore he is more likely to respond to the pop advertisement. This is being accomplished more and more by using what is being called pop-under windows. When the surfer comes to your site, the ad is opened discretely behind the your web page. Then, upon leaving your site, after obtaining all the information that they need, a surfer will see the ad and therefore be more likely to respond. Since the surfer has the information, he has achieved his objective and is now open to do other things; ideally respond to the pop under advertisement.

Not all pop-windows are created equally. There are some things that you can do to make your pop-windows--whether pop-up or pop-under--more effective. The pop-window should be easy to escape from. If the surfer does not want to see the ad, but has a hard time closing it out, she will likely become frustrated and could leave your site all together. You should either use a button to allow the surfer to close the window or be sure that the x is easily visible. Another good idea is to use a script that utilizes cookies. Cookies will prevent pop-windows from overloading the surfer since you can decide the frequency of the pop-windows, rather than each time a page is opened. Also be sure that there is no more than one pop-window per page.

When creating a pop-window, you will be asked to fill out a short information form, select the length of cookies, and choose the layout of the pop-window. When choosing the design of the pop-window, you can increase the effectiveness by creating a large headline that includes benefits that will be most appealing to the customer. You should also consider using incentives and lastly do not ask the customer to read a long and drawn out advertisement. Keep the message simple yet powerful and your pop-ads will be sure to generate profits for your site.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Getting Started: Creating a Business Plan
By HomeNetMonies.com

You're excited. You have a great idea for a profitable online business. Maybe it is an original idea that has not been marketed online before. Maybe you have come up with a new spin on the ordinary. Whatever it is that has influenced you to start your online business, be sure that you have a plan before you begin. This is not the time to pick it up as you go. These are some basic things that should be included in your business plan.

The business summary should give a brief description of the entire business and is an integral part of the overall business plan. After you have completed the business summary you should begin to list the objectives or the goals that you want to accomplish through the business. Next and perhaps most importantly, you should develop your marketing plan. The marketing plan will address all the specifics of the business. When developing the marketing strategy you should consider the following:

The target market. The target market is the customers that you expect to see visiting your site. For example will your product be more appealing to college students or those who are in retirement?

Consider the competition for your product when determining the marketing strategy. Choose a product that will be seen as unique and useful. Visit sites that are offering the same or similar products. Find out the cost, and how they are marketing their product. Finds out the pros and cons of their business and try to improve your product based on their flaws.

Research the various methods for advertising online. You should become educated about search engines and how they work since each one is different. Also be sure that you know how to submit your site to search engines. You should be prepared to spend a small amount of money on advertising, but the profits that you will gain from the advertisements will prove to be money well spent.

Think about pricing. Again, look at the competition and see what similar products are selling for. Pricing can play a big role in the success of your product since selling a product well below the average price may lead a customer to think that there is a problem with the product or that it is not of the best quality. However, pricing items too high could also put off customers.

Determine the shipping method. Be sure that you know how products will be shipped so that you can have shipping details clearly posted on your site. If you are shipping things of great value, you should consider providing shipping insurance. Also think about shipping outside the country that you live in.

Think about the different methods of payment that you will accept. If your business does not accept credit cards, you should be ready to give up half if not more of your sales. If you decide to accept credit cards will you use a merchant account or will you use a third party credit card processing center? Both will help you get started and the third party processing center will handle all of the business so you don't have to. You should decide which you will use and also if you will accept checks or money orders. It is essential to have a secure server when taking credit cards.

These few things will help your internet business to become a great success and also provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have thoroughly thought about and planned for the opening of your online business.

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